Sunday, April 1, 2012

April’s story…


With the name of Allah, the Al-Mighty. Finally the April is soon arise. Brought to a peaceful wind of spring.

The tiny little bud is never stop opening the petals, neither the breeze never stop whispering. It is quiet and harmony of true nature.

So, what is all about the month of April?

Well, being me is rather particular excited. Though December is more lovely I guess.

Everyone with their own history to tell. To somebody or everyone else.

I love to make my friends happy even though I have my own problem and pain that really cut me deep in my heart. But it isn’t my history will make you happy after all.

Unconsciously, I have been lived for about two decades in this earth.

Time is like river. You cannot touch the same water twice. Because flow that has passed will never pass again…

Whispering and wondering what have I had been done for the particularly last 21 years ago..?

It rather quiet sad being me that can’t evenly use the time given for the sake of Allah. =(

If I had a chance to redeem up the mistake that I’ve made, I will make the life more glitter and shinier those who around me.

I as myself as servant of Allah, will do all His commandments and avoid all His disallowance.  

But well, let the time past…

We have remaining time left in this world before return to Him. Let we use this remaining moment for the sake of Allah, Rasul and ummah.

Those time that left me behind 21 years ago.. (Well, some of you maybe wondering why I was keep telling 21 years ago, ahaks.. well it seem I’m finally going to 21 years I recalled when I’m the age of 12 when there was about the school was going to held the examination.

There was a girl, that very please to me, but she was too adorable. I can’t got to close to her as her was someone’s mine.

But still, she want to be my friend.

And then when time was flowing…

She accidentally got my number and sending a message that sounds like this…

errr.. hehe.. dah dah.. banyak dah aku mengarut nih. Mase untuk study.

p/s: Me never know what love it is until some friends come and feed me. And then I know what it’s mean by love.. It is love start from ukhuwah. Iftar, friendship, and jamaah make me feel really like a family.. (really Dhon..??) But the true love is when I find a true rose… yeah that was definitely..