Thursday, September 23, 2010

Manufacturing Process

Tips for test 1

1. Definition of manufacturing process

  • the making of product from raw materials using various processes, equipments, operations and manpower according to a detailed plan.

in terms of technology:

  • is the application of physical and chemical processes  to alter the geometry properties, and/or appearance of a given starting material to make part or products.

in terms of economic:

  • is the transformation  of materials into items of greater value by means one or more processing involve.


2. Lean manufacturing @ production

  • a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste in manufacturing process through continuous improvement by following the product at the demand of the customer.

2.1 Benefit of lean manufacturing

  • overhead operating costs reduces by 30%
  • sales ($) per employee 10 times higher
  • profit 4 times
  • lead time cut by 50% to 90%
  • process queues cut by 70%

2.2 Principle of lean manufacturing

  • voice of customers
  • continuous improvement
  • recognize & eliminating waste of:                                                                                                        1, over production                                                                                       2, inventory                                                                                          3, defects
  • transportation
  • motion

3. Just in Time (JIT)

Raw material, parts & components (RPC) are delivered to the manufacturer just in time to be used,

parts & components (PC) are produced JIT to be made into subassemblies & assemblies,

and products are finished JIT to be delivered to the customer.

3.1 Benefits and Advantages of JIT

  • low inventory / carrying cost
  • fast detection of defects in the production or the delivery of supplies and hence, low scrap loss
  • reduced inspection and reworking of parts
  • high quality products made at low cost

4. KANBAN system

  • integrated with the implementation of JIT concept
  • means “visible record”