Monday, January 21, 2013

The warm of nature

In the night full-moon of shadow. The little creeps crawling on the ground by the land-breeze brewing to the ocean . The darkest places in the caves, shown its beauty by the reflected of blue moon-light in the jungle.

Treble by the fascinating of the nature. With the spectacular and magnificent scenery.

A man standing up in the middle of the night, whispering to his god, the Al-Sustainable. With the low voice of his sound. Accompany by the cricking of insects.

Such the pure hearts he demands to his god. Hopes for something which invaluable,  the mercies from Ya Rahman.

Stood up still..

Anxiously, waiting and hoping.

Though, the life is can’t predictable. Today, this day.. he wake up with full of glittering in his eyes. Through life with full faith and piety toward fate is predestined for him.

He is just an ordinary little boy merely, a brother to his brothers, a man to his wife, a leader to his family and a caliphs on this world. Though but that, can the world be more warm to him?

Unconsciously, he just asked ... just asking for relief ...

B/h: Indeed, still need more learning in english.. grammar, composition and comprehension etc rubbish !! haha , well at least worth of trying.. Do you ? :p