Monday, November 8, 2010

Invitation to Understanding Islam

 Who is Allah?

Is Allah the god of Muslims?

Why are there no pictures
or statues of Allah?

Allah is referred to as “Him”.
Is He human-like?

Are there other names
for Allah?

Who created Allah?

Does He have a son?

Does Allah have other gods
to help Him?

Does Allah need a rest day?

Is Allah
the god of Jesus?

If Allah is Compassionate,
why is there so much suffering?

If Allah is Merciful, then
does He forgive all our sins?


The Lord of Creation
Allah is The Lord of all created things
in the seen and unseen worlds.
Everything in Creation worships
and submits to Him
The faith of Muslims is Islam.
It means submission to the Will of Allah.


No pictures
Allah is beyond the grasp of
human vision. He is unlike anything
that the human mind can imagine.
Therefore drawing pictures or making
statues that represent Him as a human,
a semi-human or an animal is unacceptable
and considered a major sin in Islam.


Not a guy
If you speak English, you use the words
“him” and “she” a lot and it is very easy
to give people wrong ideas about God.
The female equivalent for ‘God’ is ‘Goddess’.
Some believe that God has female partners.
Reducing God to a human family person
is unacceptable in Islam.
The Almighty calls Himself “Allah”
in The Qur’an.
This Arabic word has no plural
and no male or female equivalents.
Oh, by the way, The Almighty
is not an old man who posed
for Michelangelo!


Attributes of Allah
Some books refer to the “99 names” of
Allah. These names are attributes of Allah.
Allah is referred to as Merciful, Just and
Compassionate. More than 99 attributes
of Allah are mentioned in The Qur’an.


Allah is Eternal
Allah is eternal. He was not created.
He existed before He created.
His creations need Him but He doesn’t
need them for His existence.
Allah does not have a son or assistants.
If He needs the help of others,
then He would not be self-sufficient
and be in need of a Creator.
Nothing is like Him.
The Creator cannot be of the same nature
as the things He created. His creations
have a beginning and an end.
Allah existed before the beginning
and will remain after the end.


Ever Living
The notion that The Almighty needed
a rest day after creating the heavens
and earth is a human innovation and
not The Almighty’s view of Himself.
It is those who were not involved
in Creation that are taking the rest!
Created things ‘burn out’.
Allah is ever living.


The One True God
Allah is a proper noun unique to The One
True God Who alone deserves all worship.
He is the God of all Prophets that
He chose to convey His message.
Among the well-known Prophets are Noah,
Abraham, David, Moses, Jesus and the final
Prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon them).


The Compassionate
Our suffering is caused by our failure
to adhere to what He has permitted and
refrain from what He has prohibited.
There are times when, for example,
we cannot explain why bad things
happen to good people.
Allah knows best.
We must seek His help in prayer.


The Merciful
In The Qur’an. The Almighty states that
He will forgive the sins of the Believers
who repent sincerely and
do not repeat their sins.

Many will say that they too believe in
The One True God but their daily lives are
infused with idolatrous practices such as
wearing talismans and worshipping statues.
The Almighty declares in The Qur’an that He
will not forgive the worshipping of false gods.
Dr Y Mansoor Marican, Ph. D
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