Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Dear my forever alone online diary,

I had made up my mind. Due to the burden circumstances that I have been gone through all this while, I’m decided to migrate far far away to the Mother of the beautiful Island. Where is it?

yea, it is country of Kiwi’s fruit. New Zealand. Sound impossible right? Everyone have their own dream. Either to me. I rather particularly pick this dream to live peacefully so that no one will knew about me and no one ever questioning my name again. Poor me born as Dhon Damaska. I do not know whereas to put this name. This name is not belong to Malaysian people to know. Because they all feel awkward, HahaHaha.

So, for the time being, I will learn a little a bit about the historical story of the NZ, and seek the opportunity to get a work there. And for the time being, try from time to time to improve my English language. Haha.

Till then, So long Malaysian. n_n v